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Seven Seas Cruising Association;

SSCA is a worldwide organization of people that encompasses cruising sailors,
sailor wannabes, coastal cruisers, liveaboards and other people with an abiding
love for the sea.

They publish a bulletin which contains snippets from people out there cruising all
over the world.  This provides a compendium of information that is both
entertaining and useful.

We attend the organization's annual "Gam" (go look it up) held at homebase down
in Melbourne, Florida each November.  It's a great meeting weekend jam-packed
with seminars - including a "women only" discussion, ad-hoc exchanges, vendor
exhibits, food, fun, hilarity and a swap-meet.  At past meetings we have had the
opportunity to meet and listen to Tom Neale of Cruising World and Coastal and
Island Cruising fame, Bob (and Jody) Bitchin of Lats and Atts fame, and other
people of cruising note.  

Here's a
link  to our page with highlights from the SSCA's 25th annual gam held
Nov 10-12, 2000.

Check out their website for further information, plus some useful links for