Annual SSCA Gam
The use of the various organization's logos is purely meant to
assist in site recognition and hopefully won't offend anyone.
November 10-12, 2000 marked the 25th annual SSCA Gam in Melbourne FL.  For those of you
that don't know what a "gam" is, it can be described as follows - "a visit or friendly conversation
at sea or ashore especially between whalers".  This was our 3rd gam, and each one has been
very fun and informative.  Here's a link to their web site -

We took a few shots of the activities that made up the weekend, including the boats at anchor,
the flea market, the banquet, the BBQ and a shot from one of the seminar sessions.
First things first - the BOATS!

There were quite a few cruisers that
managed to attend via the waterway.   Indian
River runs right past the Eau Gallie
Convention Center, where the festivities are

Many boats anchor right off from there and
use the dingy dock at Conky Joe's for coming
ashore.  As you can see from this shot, they
came in all shapes and sizes.
View of Boats from the Eau Gallie Causeway
View of Boats from the pier next to Conky Joe's
Small Sailing Dingy for sale
Most have bits and pieces of rigging, safety equipment etc.
Shore-side Bicycle, jerry jugs, wellies, anchors, books, crockery etc.
Sailing Dingy anyone?
Bits & Pieces, Sails, Dorades?
How 'bout a Bicycle?
On Friday evening the gala banquet was held at the Melbourne Airport Hilton.  It featured a
cash bar, a fairly lavish meal and offered recognition to those cruisers that had completed a
circumnavigation during the course of 2000.  The featured speaker this year was Tami Oldham
Ashcraft - sole survior of a hurricane disaster at sea.

There were probably around 600 attendees this year - quite a turn-out!  Most folks usually bring
out their finery as dress-up opportunities for fulltime cruisers are few and far between.
A shot of those at our table
The dining room at large - probably over 600 attendees
Dingy Dock at Conky Joe's Restaurant
On Saturday, we attended several sessions.  It can be really
hard to choose since they run parallel sessions in 2 or 3
different rooms, and all the sessions are useful.

Some sessions are presented by members of SSCA, based
upon their practical experience, particularly the travelogue
sessions, which were great.

Many sessions are hosted by a professional in the field,
such as the Diesel Engine Maintenance session.  It was
presented by Sherri Ouellette, a fulltime mechanic from Ft.
Lauderdale.  Most have handouts that help us "lazies" who
don't want to take copious notes!
Diesel Engine Maintenance session
On Saturday the Flea Market gets started - now's your chance to scarf up on items large and
small.  Some of the folks are swallowing the anchor and have tons of stuff to get rid of (usually
at attractive prices), others are just paring down, or have upgraded certain systems and are
reselling the old system.
Saturday Night's BBQ at the Wickham Park Pavilion
BBQ at Wickham Park
Diesel Engine Maintenance
Each day there are seminar sessions for all manner of topics of interest such as Intro to HAM,
Blue water insurance Q&A, Watermakers - everything you need to know, Diesal Engine
Maintenance, Women's Forum, Fishing for Cruisers, Refrigeration Solutions, Canals of Europe,
Sails - Making them last and more.
The Banquet Room at large
Our table at the Banquet
On Saturday evening, the wrap-up BBQ was held at the Wickham Park Pavilion.  It was alot of
fun.  A "BYOB" affair, with catered chicken and pork BBQ plus all the trimming's.  It also featured
live entertainment in the form of a band.

Don't forget to mark your calendars for the Gam next year!  We'll see you there.