"In the beginning, before mysterious beings came
from the sky seeking to populate the Earth,
Australia's Aborigines believed the Earth was a
barren and featureless globe.

The extraterrestials who came were the
Aborigines' ancestral Beings.  Before changing
themselves into all species of plants and animals,
these Beings created the geographical features
through all their movements and adventures upon
the planet.

This was "Dreamtime", an idyllic time when
Australia was an Eden filled with gentle animals,
plentiful food supplies, and sweet water.  Here
early man flourished and became the intellectual
aristocrat of the prehistoric world.  Governed by a
logical foundation of laws laid down by
supernatural ancestors, thousands of generations
of Aborigines lived in perfect harmony with their
surroundings and with each other.
This excerpt is from musician Steve Roach's
Dreamtime Return compilation.  Great
contemplation music.

The Dreamtime belief sums up how we feel about
nature and our place in it.

The notion of living in perfect harmony with our
surroundings and each other seems eminently
possible when viewed from an idyllic anchorage
while the sun sinks down towards the possibility of a
green flash.

See you out there, we'll be the ones smiling!