Our Current Location and Updates
(Note: our pages are in reverse chronological order with the most current news first)
January, 2019
As I start this entry for the new year it dawns on me that I've been updating this website for 20 years! Can you believe it?!?  What a great reminder of
all the travels we've taken and projects we've tackled over that period.

It was during our early cruising days aboard
'Gimme Shelter' that we imagined buying a sailboat and retiring to go cruising full time. In 1996 we bought
Dreamtime and spent many years getting the boat ready while finishing up work. The early years of this website were very boat-centric, especially as
we outfitted her to our needs then lived aboard full time for a number of years.  As blogs became more and more popular, and we became part-timers
I decided to dual-purpose our site rather than going to a separate blog product.  I like having our memories handy in one spot and the way it's
organized for visitors seems to serve the purpose.  OK then.  

The end of the boating chapters and the start of something new for us.  A brief delve into the past with shots of
'Gimme Shelter' and 'Dreamtime'.
Some shots around the Marina complex. As you can tell sport fishing is a big deal around here with tournaments held and etc.  Also with Culebra,
Vieques and the USVI's all within a 50 mile range these guys can get there in no time at all.  The Marina had it's big winter party last Saturday and I was
really looking forward to all the hoopla & pics I could include in this entry to the log, (Ed was really looking forward to having some of the 3 roasting
pigs & checking out the live music) when
WHAM! I super-stubbed my toe out on the foredeck which now feels broken. Couldn't walk on it at all, oh well,
missed the party and didn't care at that point.    Enjoying the many stunning sunrises and sunsets.
We got a good start from Puerto Del Rey to head over to one of our favorite islands, Culebra.  On the way there we decided to take a mooring in Lana's
Bay, on the western side of Luis Pena, a small island off the western side of Culebra, with great snorkeling and pretty beaches. There can be issues
with the inevitable ferry wakes but it's worth one night there anyway.
The next day we headed over to Culebra proper. We just love the place, very laid back with adequate grocery shopping, laundromat, restaurants and a
nice library. Typically we hang-out at Dakity,  the outer anchorage/mooring field off the western side of the entrance to Ensenada Honda and go into
town as needed.  Shortly after arriving we met friends Sue and Rick of
'Orion' at the Dinghy Dock restaurant for a great catch-up session over lunch,
wonderful burgers for us.  Fun to watch the small school of tarpon that hang around looking for hand-outs from the guys cleaning the freshly caught
fish of the day offering.

While whiling away the time, Ed and I were in discussions about pulling the trigger and putting
Dreamtime on the market.  As we all know, time flies by
when you're having fun, but one day you wake up and realize that the aches and pains are getting more numerous and it's time for things to change. A
tough decision but we felt it was time.
We were asked by one of our prospective buyers if we would move the boat over to St.Thomas for a viewing and so we made our way over there.  We
had a great day sail in nice conditions over to Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, the cruise ship capital of choice for many of the cruise lines. They are really
huge compared to the normal size pleasure craft.  Here's one coming into the harbor to the cruise ship dock right next to us (by Yacht Haven Grande).
A full moon moment over Lana's Bay followed by a bright double rainbow while we were at Dakity!
We were very excited to find Dreamtime's new owners, a super nice guy named Michael and his lady-love Amy.  I think Dreamtime will have a new lease
on life with a younger captain and crew!   Welcome aboard folks!  While awaiting Michael's arrival for some hands-on training on all the various systems
aboard, we headed over to St. Johns for a final week at Francis Bay.
We have enjoyed our many, many years of boat
partnership with her, but now it's time to say

Hasta La Vista, DREAMTIME,  
Fair Winds and Keep on Sailing!
Another gorgeous sunset in Francis Bay, St. John's, USVI
February - March, 2019
April - May, 2019
Wow, what a couple of busy months! With the finishing touches on the hand-over of Dreamtime completed and the subsequent flight
home and reopening of the FL house, it was time to start working on the plan for the next phase of our lives. So hard not to think of
ourselves as cruisers anymore.  Well, really, once a cruiser always a cruiser.

Anyway, regular readers know how taken we are with the Colorado Rockies during the summer months - quite different from the 90+
degree temps we can expect in Florida. An idea for a Rocky Mountain getaway was taking shape.  Last year, on a whim, Ed put our name
on a list at an RV Resort/Campground and was told there was an 8 year waiting list. Well, guess what? They called at the beginning of
April and offered us an annual site a few sites up from the river. We jumped on it and the next thing you know Ed has flown out to
Colorado to check out the site and find us a suitable RV to park on it.  You know you are blessed when a like new 2018 5th Wheel trailer
showed up on Craigslist with a motivated seller (he'd already taken delivery on his bigger rig and wanted the garage space back) and a
reasonable asking price. YAY! Believe it or not, it was the first rig Ed looked at, sent me a few photos and we both loved it, thank you Lord.

The seller, such a nice guy, offered to tow it up to the resort and help us get it hooked-up and squared away. Thanks a million Ken &
Karen, we owe you a lunch to say the least!
We had a lot of housewares, cookware and linens stockpiled from our overstock and Mom's house which got packed up for the trip to their new
home along with a multitude of other things, including all our camping gear, because, yes, we will do some tent camping in other areas of the state
this summer. Wouldn't want to get too soft and lazy.  At the end of April we headed out from Florida, even though we knew it was early in the
season for 7200' elevation, we were very, very excited and also, we didn't want to push our luck with Ken.

The Resort has all the amenities, including a store with food, souvenirs, fishing gear, sundries and a liquor annex. There's also a restaurant, gas
pumps, propane fill and a laundromat, plus a first class shower house.  Because it is so early in the season, the water to the individual sites hasn't
been turned on yet so we are using our hard-sided 5 gallon jug to supply our water needs for drinking and dishwashing etc.  Soon maybe.  

Even with all this, the Resort has a very homegrown, neighborly and laid-back feel.  It's pretty deserted now, but our neighbors are bound to be
showing up any day now.
Above, "Rocky" the rig, a 2018 Keystone Cougar 26RLS,                  Same site, different day, lol                                  The Taurus X, our super-trusty steed.
The trip was good and pretty fast. The first day we stopped just west of Nashville, TN, pretty beat and ready for pizza in the room.  The 2nd day we
stopped just west of Kansas City, and had take-out chinese food courtesy of eatstreet, a delivery business, and the 3rd day we called it a day a little
early in Burlington, just over the Colorado border.  

Ready to go out for a meal for a change, we went to the only sit-down dinner place in town, The Dish House.  The chef was truly talented and the meal
was to die for; I had the tender, succulent lamb shank mole with beautifully seasoned rice while Ed had a very nicely prepared Penne dish. What a treat.  
In addition, there was a large firepit lounge area right out the front door where we sipped the remains of our wine and enjoyed the building excitement
of being in Colorado once again and ready for something new.
The next day we finally rolled into Fort Collins mid-day the last day of travel.  The hotel that we tend to book is surrounded by flowering trees, the
same flowers that were snow-covered 2 weeks earlier when Ed stayed there. He was worried that they would be damaged by the freezing temps and
snow, but they were glorious.  The view of the sunset from our 3rd floor room was just spectacular.

Thus ensued a big, big round of shopping-up. The resort is about an hour's drive from Fort Collins so the shopping efforts pay off in the long run.
Home Depot, Walmart, Target and King Soopers (grocery) to name a few.  After we get things setup and properly tweaked to our satisfaction we'll
have a few more shots of the rig's interior. We've already got the firepit set-up in the front yard so that helps when it's cold!
A few views around the park right after our overnight snow event.
The river side area plus a shot through the resort looking up into the surrounding canyon bluffs.
So the weather has been pretty good here in Puerto Rico, with strong Christmas winds and some wet weather giving way to more moderate
conditions as winter cold fronts push east in the states and cause the Bermuda high to be blocked to some degree.
Our first cruisable boat, 'GIMME SHELTER', a 24' Sportcraft we took to the Bahamas
many times and dry-stored in Palm Beach.
Our last cruisable boat, 'Dreamtime', a 33' Morgan Out
Island we lived aboard and loved for many years
June, 2019
Been doing some auto-touring and taken a few small hikes/picnic lunches in the surrounding areas.  Below you can see some of the
wildflowers in bloom, plus a shot of me enjoying a Vanilla Porter (yum). Loving all the craft brewing in the area.
We rode up to Cameron Pass to check out all the snow still on the peaks at 10,000 ft +, and the Joe Wright Reservoir still had ice on it. I
learned a new lesson about taking photos with the phone, you have to pay attention to the phone's orientation or they might show up as
upside down in your (antique) website building tool, boohoo.  Went a little further on to the State Park visitor center, where we saw this
really cool moose sculpture made out of barbed wire. Awesome job!
We headed down to Denver for a concert and an overnight, what a treat!  The Red Rocks Amphitheater is a really cool venue, the skyline
of Denver in the background lighting up as the night sky darkens.  We were here to see Brit Floyd (again) and as usual, they were
absolutely amazing and super entertaining, I really didn't need that Red Bull to stay energized!.
It's been a great few weeks, albeit, still chilly in the mornings and some rain. This morning it was 31 @ 6am.  The summer hasn't arrived up
here yet, but it'll be along pretty soon now.  These first few shots are of the sights within easy walking distance of home base.  The alpaca
(?) was very curious and came right up to the fence, I stayed out of spitting distance - do they spit like camels? I wasn't sure.  This shot of
the river shows the water level as middling, you should see it now - it's not quite at full spate yet but it's definitely UP.
Ed took a hike up the hill to the north of us and got some nice shots of the little valley we're in as well as some pretty cactus blooms.The
lilacs are in bloom now.  I haven't seen/smelled lilacs since I was a teenager in western NY state. Love, love them!
Below, a few shots of some nicely
painted utility boxes from a stop
we made in downtown Fort Collins.

That should be a regular thing
everywhere - so pretty! The hound
dog is so detailed!
July - Aug, 2019
Summer has been in full swing and the weather has been just wonderful, warm+ days followed by pleasantly cool evenings. Our garden
and our little "lawn" have been thriving.  Continuing to get some hiking done as well as walks in the immediate surroundings. We have a
great route with a bridge  just a 5 minute walk west that takes us over the Poudre River and along a sparsely traveled local (dirt) road for a
nice 45 minute walk.  Pictured below are shots from another hike on the
Dadd Gulch Trail.  I was amazed at the complete change in the
flowers, in fact, I guess you can see I was pretty fixated on them.  All the columbines were gone but it was still a lovely hike.
Bottom left, a reminder of how awesome the Rockies are, plus a couple more shots of the great painted utility cabinets in Fort Collins.
All of these shots below are of the great hiking trail Dadd Gulch, which is just a few miles east of us here in the Poudre Canyon.  We've
hiked it more than once but I will say that the wildflowers were the showiest in late June/early July.  Hard not to be mesmorized by the
columbines!  It's a moderate trail with plenty of shade and some creeks to cross, lots of fun and good cardio.
This next set of shots were taken during our hike on the Roaring Creek Trail, about 10 miles west of us.  The trail (using a series of
switchbacks) is a steep 2000' elevation climb right from the beginning, which offers stellar views of the canyon/valley in both directions.  

Once you begin to work your way into the trees towards the ridgeline you come upon the roaring creek - which in early August was still
roaring with snowmelt.  Further on we found a cool shady grove in which to take a breather and enjoyed a little tree-hugging with a pretty
massive pine tree.  Fun hike for sure. The last shot in this series is the view of Chambers Lake from within the Chambers Lake
Campground.  The campground is just shy of the Continental Divide, only about 8400' and we've heard that they've had their fair share of
bears roaming around . We have had both a black bear (small) and a brown bear (medium) roaming through our RV park this summer too.
Another trail we enjoy is the Big South Trail, west of us by about 20 miles.  It is a bit rock-strewn and sometimes a scramble but there is lots
of shade and the Poudre River runs beside it for quite a ways.  So many of these trails keep going for several miles but we ususlly end up
heading back after a couple or so miles - the curse of bad feet!
Aug - Sept, 2019
Since we are located in the boonies, away from the hustle & bustle, we have to amuse ourselves for a good portion of the day/week/month,
lol.  That means hiking, reading, cooking, chores and my favorite, crafting.  On the weekends we often have neighbors to talk with and if
we're real lucky we'll get invited to Keith's Cream Can cookout or Larry's end of the summer BBQ Bonanza, neither of which do I have
pictures for, sadly, but both of which were stellar with *TONS* of great food and probably 25 to 30 ppl in attendance.
Late Sept, 2019
We made a fairly quick trip back across the country with a break for an extra night in Hot Springs, Arkansas. This fall we were hoping to
catch some fall color but it was minimal out west and in the Ozarks.  Arriving back in Orange Park, FL we got busy with chores and
unpacking.  Everything was just fine - it's great to have good neighbors.  The only issue we had was our bougainvillea had grown to the
moon in the months we were gone.

Soon we were caught-up on things and we could enjoy getting reacquainted with our neighbors and neighborhood.
We love southwestern flavors and often have
loaded enchiladas with black beans - yum!
Looking into our "yard", and looking from the picnic table down towards the river, pic also
includes one of my mobiles.
Another yard shot, a cool snow ski fence I've been admiring all summer, and another trip to Red Rocks to see Joe Bonamassa, a great show.
All very exciting stuff right? Sure beat the high-90's/high humidity back home in FL!  Soon it was the end of the season and time to think
about heading back home but first a small bed & breakfast tour down through Boulder to Taos and Santa Fe then back up to Denver to see
our youngest daughter for her quick "hit 'n run" business conference.  First place we stayed was the Meadow Creek B&B Event Center,
south west of Boulder. Beautiful property, lots of private acreage, hot tub, gazebo and a wonderful, decadent breakfast in the morning.
The lovely Meadow Creek property. Apparently they host quite a few weddings and I can see why, great ambiance.
Before we started this last trek we winterized Rocky (shown left, a pic of the first snow dusting mid-Oct from the camera) so we could just
head back east after our visit with Jacqui.  The middle shot is of the Tudor Rose B&B in Salida, CO.  After leaving Santa Fe we made an
overnight stop there before arriving in Denver the next day. Another really nice property with great hosts, an expansive deck with hot tub,
and a hearty breakfast in the morning.  The final shot is the beautiful Elk tenderloin dinner Jacqui had at Vice Kitchen right next door to
Origin Hotel.  It was a short, fun, busy visit with this whirlwind powerhouse but we really enjoyed it. Thanks for making the effort Jacqui!!
On our way south to Taos we stopped for a break by the Arkansas River, a really pretty area.  While chilling out we spotted what looks for all the
world like gold dust!! Check it out on the 2 pics below right.  Never did find that nugget though, *sigh*.
In Taos we overnighted at the very nice "Dreamcatcher" B&B. Right in town and on a quiet, lovely property.  We had the Gecko Room with it's kiva
fireplace (summer months it has pillar candles), lux bed, and cool bath.  Also a great breakfast in the morning and an easy drive to Santa Fe.
One of the things I enjoy about being out west are all the Gem and Mineral shops, I'm truly fascinated by the beauty and variety of our geological
world, from all the quartz's, geodes and fun stuff you can make out of them.  We usually end up going home with a souvenir for our curio cabinet.
Oct - Nov, 2019
After we left Santa Fe it was onward to Pagosa Springs, CO, an area we have been wanting to check out for quite a while.  The trip over was
through the vast plains/desert area.  I love the "feel" of these vast spaces, it's a bit like being on the ocean in terms of scope.  After we
checked into the Wyndham Resort Condo's we did some organizing then went to find the Overlook Hot Springs to have a soak.  What a
pretty forested area around here.   We were able to take our meals at the condo using items we brought from Rocky that we wanted to use
up.  The next day we did a nice auto tour of the surrounding area including any RV Campgrounds we passed by, just to see what was on
offer.  Saw a nice park but they said they didn't allow year-round parking due to generally heavy snow conditions come winter.
Beautiful sunrise, neighborhood ladie's wine and cheese party, plus Ed has his own coffee klatch with our neighbor Dennis at the pool.
2 of my stained glass pieces, the left 2 shots show a 4-sided panel lamp shade from 30 yrs or so ago and the right shot shows my
first foray back in since the late 90's. Whew! Been a long time but it feels good to get back into it.
It was a very quiet Christmas and New Years. We had some medical issues to deal with over the holiday season so we hung-out close to
home and got those taken care of satisfactorily.

We are both amusing ourselves in various ways; Ed likes to get his daily walk in, and then either go kayaking or exercise in the Florida
Room using stretch bands, free weights, his rowing machine and floor mat.  I'm so much lazier.  I stay pretty busy with my daily household
chores, my art projects and my food endeavours.  With my bad feet I have had to abandon my daily walks - which I hate.  For years it had
been my favorite means to get my cardio and enjoy the flowers, sunshine and all that. Oh well, I'll keep trying.

We have had some really stunning sunrises and pretty weather throughout Dec - Feb.
Dec '19 - March, 2020
A few assorted Christmas pieces to warm up my stained glass skills before tackling a bigger project.
Some sunrises are quite orange and others have a much cooler look. I got lucky on Valentine's Day (and on my wedding day!)
Here are a few additional summer shots around and about at our Rocky Mountain getaway, including a decent (manufacturer's) shot of the
living room area of a  Keystone Cougar 26RLS.  Not sure why Ed is so spiffied-up but he looks handsome of course.  I used to see this
snow ski fence line as we trekked into Fort Collins on the Stove Prairie/Masonville Road for a library and grocery run and just thought it
looked cool.
Wanted to show the process of inspiration, design conception and execution for this 8 panel glass lantern project I'm working on.  Top left
shot shows the lantern and the pattern with a few glass pieces. Next shot has a better shot of the pattern plus the cut,  fitted and foiled glass
ready to be soldered, patina'd, polished and installed in the fixture.  Center bottom and center right show the completed "dragonfly' pair
plus the pair of "agates in blue". Quite a lengthy process but I love it! It's neat to also include glass marbles, agate slices, seashells etc.