Mid-January, 2013
We have been enjoying the sights and amenities here in Falmouth Harbor, Antigua for the past few weeks.  Anchoring
out at the Pigeon Beach anchorage affords us a beautiful view of the sea and Montserrat, and the yacht traffic is always
fun to check-out.   The sun sets "around the corner" from our spot but is still beautiful.
One of the great things to do here is to walk up the Middle Ground trail and enjoy the views, as well as getting a little
exercise.  Jan 25th-27th is the super yacht challenge, with a field of 8-10 100+ foot sailing yachts competing over 3 days.  
We pack a lunch, bring the binoculars and climb up to one of the many great vantage points and watch the action.
Each of these yachts are amazingly striking in their own way, but the classic-styled yacht above with it's long bowsprit is
quite the elegant lady.  At left, she enters English Harbor demurely but at right she's kicking up her heels under full sail.
Looking out towards Montserrat (barely visible) and right, back out over the anchorage at Pigeon Beach
How's this for interesting dear readers...
Another beauty, 'Panthalassa', heading out on race day, and at right looking back towards English Harbor
from the Middle Ground ridgeline.  Antigua has this lovely pale grass that looks like water rippling when the
winds are blowing, so pretty to see.  I'm surprised that the goats haven't cropped it all to within an inch of
the ground.
The capital of Antigua, St. Johns gets all the large cruise ships but Falmouth gets a fair number of mid-range sailing
cruise ships such as the 2 headed this way above, one from the US and one from France.  They do look pretty at
night.  That's one of the things we enjoy about Falmouth, all the glitz and glitter and sparkly lights at night.  A lot of
evening ambiance but not secluded or quiet.   A huge contingent of mega sailing yachts as evidenced by all the tall
masts, with the black hull and curved spreaders of the Maltese Falcon visible below left.
February 8, 2013
Well, it is time to head out, up to St. Martin to shop and to order in an Engel Fridge/Freezer which we'll use this season
in lieu of our Frigoboat system which packed it in over the summer.  Our last few days were spent enjoying the company
of friends, hiking up to the Middle Ground area and soaking in our last bit of Antigua for a while.  I scavenged some
small air plants and a weathered wood scrap and made a couple of small tabletop arrangements with shells and sea
glass.  Fun project!  We'll see how well the plants hold up over time.
Mid-February, 2013
We made good progress on the "Engel project" which was accomplished by ordering an MR040 from West Marine and
shipping it into St. Martin via Amerijet air freight service which cost approx $160 for shipping/handling and insurance.  
Ed picked it up at the cargo terminal and walked it via a set of "cargo wheels" to the dinghy dock of the now defunct
Turtle Pier restaurant where I picked him up with the dinghy.  The unit weighs around 60# in the box so we used the
boom and mainsheet to lift it aboard Dreamtime.  After the first unit came in we ordered another unit for our friends and
went through the entire process again, which we considered "proof" of the concept.  Ed
sez "Hurray, no customs!"  

In between orders we headed out the French bridge for a break from the lagoon.  Spent some time in Friar's Bay, Anse
Marcel and eventually back around to Marigot and the lagoon before the next spate of north swell worked it's way down.
We love our pizza nights!
Bye for now, Antigua
Our Current Location and Updates
May, 2013
We always love to be in Antigua in time for the Classic Yacht Regatta Week.  Wandering the docks looking at the
"lovelies" is lots of fun, plus partying and mingling with all our fellow cruisers.  We watched some of the races from the
English Harbor side with Marie/John from '
Metalia' and Pam/Chris from 'Wildcat'.
Crews watch from a perch
Scenery and race activity from 2010
After all that action and crowds it was time for a chill-pill in the form of the anchorage at Five
Islands.  Great views, beautiful water and beaches.
Next stop was into Jolly Harbor to ready the boat for summer storage.  Uugh, hot sweaty work.  We were lucky to have a
place to bunk with friends as the salon and v-berth slowly became a mass of sails, anchors, solar panels, jerry jugs,
canvas and all the other gear from topsides.
June, 2013
Back stateside we were busy doing projects such as fairing, caulking and painting the deck using Olympia Rescue-it, and
cutting down the holly trees which were dumping lots of tiny flowers, red, gooey berries and leaves on the deck surface
(leaving stains) and threatening to damage the foundation.  Each tree was probably 40' tall but between the electric pole
saw and chainsaw the 2 of us managed to get them cut down and cut up for firewood.  Great project but glad to have
finished it.

Added some new window treatments, made a bunch of silk flower arrangements, and caught a few sunrises/sets.  
Summer storage preps
Deck, before and after
Trees getting whittled down.  Luckily we could reach the top from the deck and the bottom from the dock
I also made several window valances and added new
curtains and mini-blinds where needed
July, 2013
One of our other projects was to tweak the Florida Room's asthetics.  Some of that was simple furniture re-arrangment
but we also took a bogus space-wasting nook beside the fireplace chimney stack and converted it into a very cozy bar
area.  We added audio speakers in the base and outdoor speakers for the deck.
During the summer I made a trip to my county extension facility
which houses a public canning center.  I've written about it
before and have some further details and photos on the
Food/Recipe page.  This time I canned my "sort of chili".
It was a real treat to visit with the girls and their families over in the pan-handle of FL.  Only a weekend but we maximized
it by a great trip to the beach, a trip to the Gulfarium and dinner, followed by a night cruise (rental party boat) out into the
Gulf for the fireworks.
August, 2013
A day at the beach with daughter Jacqui
and her husband and 2 youngest kids.
During the summer I made a trip to my county extension facility
which houses a public canning center.  I've written about it
before and have some further details and photos on the
Food/Recipe page.  This time I canned my "sort of chili".
During the summer I made a trip to my county extension facility
which houses a public canning center.  I've written about it
before and have some further details and photos on the
Food/Recipe page.  This time I canned my "sort of chili".
Having a bite to eat with both daughters,
from right; Michelle, Jacqui, Matt and Moi.
One of the things I love about north Florida is the fact that we have some cool fall/winter weather.  That means FIRE -
woot!  I love making and tending to fires and watching football, baking and preparing for the big Christmas dinner
blow-out and enjoying visits with family, be they long or short.
Nov - Dec, 2013
Spent some time with family during the fall & holiday season.  On the left my sister and
her husband and on the right my cousin and her husband.
Hosted Christmas dinner this year but Mom
helped with a lot of the details.