Dreamtime in the S. Grenadines
The southern part of the Grenadines are just beautiful and most everyone has seen a postcard of the
Tobago Cays.  It is one of the most popular cruising destinations for fulltimers and charterers.  That makes
for some rather interesting anchoring adventures... fortunately it is a deep sand bottom and even the
poorest efforts are rewarded with good holding.

Some of the other popular spots to hang out are at Union island and Mayreau, with 2 great anchorages,
Saltwhistle and Saline Bay, the later being used once in a while by huge cruise ships which ferry loads of
people over all day long.  Fun people watching.  The snorkelling around Saline Bay is great too..

Once you leave the southern Grenadines, the next major stop is in Carriacou, considered part of Grenada
along with Petite St. Vincent and Petite Martinique.  Tyrell Bay is the anchorage favored by most cruisers.
Windward side of Mayreau
Saline Bay with Union Island in the background
Cruise ship beach - Saline bay
Dreamtime anchored at Saline Bay
Tobago Cays - beautiful!!!
Tobago Cays
Let's head down to Grenada
Saltwhistle Bay anchorage
Saline Island anchorage & beach, Carriacou
Old Ruin at Saline Island, Carriacou
Tyrell Bay,Anchorage, Carriacou
Dreamtime all by herself at Saline Island, Carriacou