Stained Glass Creations
Over the years I have done many, many different types of arts & crafts, and I've found a lot of pleasure along
the way, but I have to say I really enjoy doing stained glass - in fact, it's near the top of the list for challenge,
execution and satisfaction.

I wanted to have a page that consolidates my various pieces from years ago (pre-Dreamtime liveaboard) and
what I'm working on currently.  I don't sell my pieces (too much pressure) but rather give them away to
family and good friends.  I hope you enjoy them.
Sunrise to Sunset
4-sided Panel Lampshade depicting the daily progression of the sky.  This is on our
bookshelf in the living room so we get to enjoy it every evening.
Starry Night to Sunrise
Moonrise to Starry Night
Sunset to Moonrise
A couple of Christmas ornaments plus a blue/green suncatcher/spinner for
our Florida Room window.
A few that were inspired by the sea and her creatures.
Mountain Lake, inspired by our trips out west and the many peaceful scenes we have
observed.  My current in-progress work, and the toughest so far is an 8-panel hanging
lantern.  So far, I have sketched-out the dragonfly scenes for 2 of the panels and are making
great headway towards their completion... stay tuned. This shot shows the lantern frame.
Completed and hanging in the Florida
room. So happy with how it turned out.
Lantern; top and bottom of side 1.  Top needs to be
fine-tuned, then foiled and soldered.

Bottom fitted and foiled, ready to solder.

My wonderful husband will take the completed lantern
and turn it into a lit swag light for our front courtyard
sitting area, or maybe the Florida room so we can enjoy
it more easily - YAY!
This is my glass stash, some is new but
most is old.

I used to travel a lot on business back
in the mid-90's and my way to amuse
myself in strange cities was to find the
nearest stained glass shop and pick up
a square foot or two to put in my

There used to be so many shops
around, not very many now.  Luckily
we can order supplies and even glass
online these days.

It was much less expensive "back in
the day" I can tell you, so I'm happy
that I was able to pack it all up (with
my tools etc) and store it while we lived
on the boat.
Newest projects are at the bottom of the page.
Side 3 top/bottom ready for solder, patina and installation. I
should apologize for the camera work, not the greatest. Far
right, side 3 completed, installed and lit up.
Completed sides 1 & 2. So happy with how they turned out. No separate shots of the side 2
construction with the agate slices. I love working with them!
I wanted to show how different the panels look whether lit by incandescent vs
fluorescent. The pinks are certainly "pinker" with the white light, but the greens are much
warmer with the yellow. All in all, the yellow light is certainly friendlier, and cheerier.
A glance at the completed lantern; left is sides 1 & 2, right sides 3 & 4.  I love how it came out!
Here is the top of side 4 ready for solder, and the finished side - top and bottom.
Glass on glass mosaic
Above left, a "be kind" style of heart, and to the right, a house number to mount above
the garage door.
My latest project is a fun star flower which is living with my sister and her husband now.  So cute!

Left pic, waiting for soldering, and right pic all finished.