A bit about Us
Linda, navigator and webmistress chills on the foredeck
When we were growing up in our respective hometowns of Mobile, Alabama and Rochester, New
York, we both spent a lot of time in and around the water, he on the Gulf of Mexico and me on Lake
Ontario.  This gave us each a life-long love of "all things water".

When we married, he began to talk about crossing the Gulfstream and I got a little bit nervous.  But
the captain is one smart guy, and he devised a plan.  He purchased a nice, zippy powerboat, and
soon convinced me that with the right weather window out of Palm Beach we could be in the
Bahamas in a couple of hours.  That began an 8 year period of 2-3 trips a year for 10-14 days each.  
We fell in LOVE with water all over again.

We lived on the East coast of Florida, and docked the boat on the St. John's river.  We did much of
our prep work either at the dock or up the river at the Green Cove Springs DIY Marina.
Ed, the captain, hangs out in Hopetown
The captain and chief engineer at the Hope Town Lodge tiki
bar.  Usually he is hard at work doing maintenance or catching
dinner for us but sometimes he relaxes.

The navigator and talented chef takes a break from chart
reading and food preparation to read (favorite diversion), and
catch a few rays on the foredeck  before the sun goes down.
Tick-Tock, tick-tock,
ever faster!
Yee Olde Virtual Watch-Cat
We have recently finished up a major overhaul on our Morgan 33' Out Island.  We love this boat!  It has
tons of room down below and is plenty big enough for the two of us. Being a 33' she is very easy to
handle under sail and in traffic and docking situations.

We purchased the boat from a couple that had lived aboard her for 10 years and had taken her to
Venezuela and back.  Since the fellow was 72, they decided to swallow the anchor and buy a house

The overhaul was long overdue!  Not being a "handy" fellow, the prior owner developed the fine
knack of ignoring the problems.  This presented us with a splendid opportunity to get to know our
boat, from the keel on up.  We have finished replacing the engine and  many of the other systems.  The
captain had been researching, plotting and planning the details for years, so he had a great deal of
satisfaction seeing things done his way.

"Why Dreamtime" page describes our philosophy to a small degree, and clues you in on some of
our musical tastes as well.  It's great to listen to smooth jazz during sundowner-hour and new age
music while stargazing!

By 2002, we had both retired and were working on getting our house ready to sell.  Obviously, this cut
into the time we were able to devote to getting
Dreamtime ready for the big "cast-off"  but she did get  
ready,   As every realist knows, the "list" never goes away, it's got it's own little ebb and flow going on.
In 2005 we sold the house and cars, put a few things into storage and took off... we're now exploring
the Caribbean.
Send us some E-Mail, we'd love to here from you!