New England '05 Trip Photos
We finally got started on our vagabond lifestyle this summer with a trip from Jacksonville, FL to
Martha's Vineyard, MA.  All told, we spent 6 months working our way up and then back to Green Cove
Springs, FL where we are now hard at work getting prepped for the winter in the Bahamas.

We left Florida late May and headed up the ICW as fast as we could - mostly to escape the heat.  We did
get in some good offshore runs from time to time in addition to the intercoastal waterway.  Some of the
shots below are from Charleston, the Dismal Swamp Canal, NYC, Newport RI and Martha's Vineyard and
the Vineyard sound area.  Hope you enjoy them.
                                    Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the shots.
The shot on the left shows just one of
the many gardens that were prevalent
in the downtown section of Charleston,
many behind wrought iron gates.

The righthand shot was taken at
Bucksport, SC just as dusk was falling.
To the left is Dreamtime and crew
getting ready to leave the dock in
Jacksonville, FL.

To the right is a shot of Charleston
SC taken during a trolley tour of this
beautiful and scenic city.
Cool shot of the Cape Lookout lighthouse
from the Atlantic Ocean side of the
bight.  We spent the better part of the
week there and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Linda does sail repair in West Bay, NC
using the Ultrafeed sewing machine
These two shots are of the man-made
Dismal Swamp route that leads from
Elizabeth City, NC to near Norfolk, VA.

It was built by George Washington
before his days as president as a
private venture for shipping goods.
A  coupleof shots of the Thimbles, a
group of rocky islands on Long Island
To the left, a shot of Mystic CT from Long
Island Sound.  Lots and lots of moorings.

A beautiful wooden boat that we saw
during the wooden boat parade in Mystic.
The Newport harbor is an exciting place
to be with all the action.

Lots of fun watching the 12 meterboats
sail through the anchorage.
A view of the Statue of Liberty and the
Manhattan skyline from the harbor.

And a shot of the Brooklyn bridge
leading over into Manhattan.
We leave the dock
Charleston beautiful buildings
Bucksport, SC as dusk is falling
Cape Lookout lighthouse and the Atlantic beach side of the bight
Linda and the Ultrafeed repairing the jib in West Bay, NC
Dismal Swamp
Manmade Dismal Swamp route through NC & VA
THe Statue of Liberty and Mahattan
Brooklyn Bridge
The Thimbles, Long Island Sound
Mystic, CT from the Sound
Wooden boat during the Wooden Boat Parade in Mystic
More sights in Newport. One of every
kind, gaffers, cutters, sloops,
squared-riggers, neat eye candy.
12 meter sailing through the anchorage in Newport
Boats at anchor
Evening falls in Newport
Cuttyhunk, MA
Hadley Harbor, Woods Hole, MA
Let's not forget the mansions.  Worth
the cost of the tour, we visited 3 of
the famous ones, the Breakers,
Rosecliff and the Marble House.

Beautiful attention to details, and
each has it's own unique history..
Another cool place to visit, especially
for cruisers, is the Seaman's Church  
Institute in Newport.

It provides facilities for seamen, as
you might expect, such as showers,
laundry and a bargain priced
restaurant.  The mosaic on the left is
from the chapel, a small but beautiful
room for prayer and worship.
To the left is a shot of Cuttyhunk.

On the right the peaceful beauty of
Hadley's Harbor.  It makes a good
stopping point before going either
into Wood's Hole or through the cut to
Vineyard Sound.
To the left is a shot of Tarpaulin Cove,
on the Vineyard Sound.

On the right the 'ye ole village' street
scene in Vineyard Haven.
We anchored in Lake Tashmoo and
saw one of the best ever sunsets.

All the rest were taken around Oak
Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard.  A very
clean town, lots of flowers and geese
(well, they're not real clean, lol)
What a cool place to walk around.