Colonia Tovar, Venezuela
After our brief but enjoyable visit to Caracas, we headed west and then into the mountains to visit the small
German-settled town of Colonia Tovar.  Some 150 families from Germany came over to establish a settlement.  
Unfortunately they developed small pox on the trip and had to remain in quarrantine for an additional 40 days.  
Afterwards they travelled on foot to the settlement area, where they had been promised that housing would
await.  Nope, only some few modest structures were present.  Many of the weathier German families turned
around and sailed back to Germany, however the ones that couldn't afford to remained and eventually created a
beautiful town modeled after the Black Forest region of the old country.  They maintained a strict policy of no
outside involvement, which was pretty easy for the first 100 years as there was no road into the area from the
surrounding cities.  However, that policy changed in the 1950's and comingling and intermarraige is now
View from the balcony towards town
Nancy and I from our respective rooms at the hotel
Hotel Bergland is a beautiful hotel, with wonderful balcony views down into the town.  The fabulous flowers
and flowering trees and shrubs attract numerous hummingbirds - much to our viewing delight.  The hotel
restaurant cooked and served great food and drinks.  We really highly recommend this hotel.
Took a tour in this mega-jeep and ogled the
strawberry fields and the breathtaking
flowers, vegetables and cacti.
Lots like the Black Forest
Arriving at Hotel Bergland
The Towers mark the entrance to Tovar
Decorative rock walls are all over town
Town cemetary with a view of the town on the right
Lunch stop on the way in the popular tourist
town of El Junquito - buy your sausage &
pork by the kilo and they fry it up for you
Nancy from Swansong chats-up the
The Tovar Brewery
New church built next to the old one
The soil and climate are totally conducive to growing; growing everything!  Colonia Tovar provides the largest
strawberry and peach crops in the country.
Teri and Gary from 'Ishi'
What tourist town would be complete without shops
full of local (and imported) handicrafts.  Lots of
woven items like blankets, sweaters, hats and
purses.  Also lots of sausages, jellies and local
produce like peaches and strawberries for sale.