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Ahhhh, paradise at last!
Flying fish are really neat to watch. They can scoot along for quite a ways!
Comma butterfly
With the tropical climate and the profusion of flowers, hummingbirds abound.
All kinds of shells are found both in quiet bays and on the seaward side of islands.
Here are some shots from our trips to
the Bahamas taken a few years ago.

It's a beautiful cruising ground and
the people are very gracious.
Check out our photos!
Overhead shot of Green Turtle Cay, a very popular cruising destination.
A shot of Green Turtle Cay.  Green Turtle
has a lot to offer the cruiser.  The town of
New Providence has supplies of all kinds,
plus a watering-hole or two.  We had
some engine work done by Dolphin
Marine and found them to be very
Dolphins in a small pod
A trio of dolphins.  Dolphins tend to
be pretty curious and will swim
along with your boat just so they
can eyeball you, not to mention surf
on your bow wave.
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